EP7 The Blind Date


Katrina wants Lee to move out. Jessica wants Lee to get lucky. Perlina just wants her Ex, especially now he’s learnt a new party trick...                                

EP8 The Promo Girl


Jessica has it all - a new role, a new love, and a new tat. Yep, life is smelling of roses! Or is it…


EP9 In the Bedroom

Perlina falls into familiar bedroom habits with an ex-boyfriend. Is it love or still lust?

EP10 Wasted 


Flat3 girls hold down their liquor on a night out in town.​​ Not all of them so successfully.

​EP11 Team Building  


​Jessica makes a new friend. Lee digs deep. Perlina calls upon Katrina for a secret mission.

EP12 On the Road 


The girls pick up a mysterious hitchhiker on their way to a bridal photoshoot. Are they safe from him? Or is he safe from them?


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