EP13 Carpe Diem 


New house, new job, and new mantra. Jess swears off guys, Perlina re-connects with an ex and the life model at Lee's art class makes contact.

​EP14 Teacher  


Jessica becomes the target of an intimidating acting coach. A new flamboyant co-worker gives Perlina the chance to gain a GBFF leaving Katrina out in the cold and Lee gets an unexpected lesson in...pleasure.

EP15 Man Talk, Baby


The girls are speechless as the flat party for Perlina's birthday goes awry. Sexy dancing, cake wars, and a coterie of elderly Asian men are just the beginning of an interesting night...

EP16 Sale Now On


Chaos awaits at the 75% off everything sale. Kettle fights, an enigmatic store mascot and the girls bump into Jessica's newly married sister Xana and her husband, Leon. But Jessica and Leon share a terrible secret...

​EP17 The White Album  


Change is in the air as Perlina plays ultimate wing-woman to her ex-boyfriend, Nic. Lee is forced into a sleep over situation, and Jessica gets an indecent proposal. 

EP18 The Game 


It's win or die. Nic coaches Perlina to win back her first love, Lee gambles for her independence and Jessica works on a prestigious role. Playing for what you want is one thing - winning is another.

EP19 The Christmas Special


It's the most wonderful time of the year. Lee is subjected to office Secret Santa, Perlina forces an intimacy issue and Jessica sinks to new lows. Stuffed full of guest stars including Pua Magasiva, Madeleine Sami, Rose Matafeo and Glen Levy. Christmas cheer everyone. Christmas cheer.

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