EP4 Flat Warming 

The girls at Flat 3 hold a superhero-themed flatwarming, but things go awry as Jessica is left waiting for Jackie Chan, the hot waiter from EP2. Lee tests her art skills on Spiderman, Perlina trades insults with a caped Cow and friendships are tested.


​EP5 The Speed Date 

​Love is in the air as Lee tries speed dating and Perlina prepares herself for a visit by an old flame. Jessica tries again to be a good friend, with mixed results.

EP6 The Home Intruder 


Jessica leaps into survival mode when she discovers an unexpected visitor at the flat. As Perlina and Lee join the fray, a tense situation starts to get weird...

EP3 Perlina

Perlina just wants validation - from her ex boyfriend to her new co-worker. She has what it takes, she's even writing it down! Will she be able to sit at lunch by herself? 

EP2 Jessica

We meet Jessica who is struggling to become a serious actor, without being stereotyped!  Her hunky actor boyfriend Aidan doesn't seem to mind though.  But does the new hot waiter?

EP1 Lee

Lee wants to move out. As a series of failed interviews happen for Perlina and Jessica they are desperate for a good flatmate. Will Lee take the plunge and leave home for good?


LEE is quiet and reserved – what others would call mousy. She is smart and has a kinky sense of humour, but is so socially awkward that she can never quite muster the courage to express herself. She is always going along with other people’s schemes to make her ‘more’ – more employable, more attractive to boys.

Lee and Jessica are old school friends. Lee is searching for answers to life, love and what the hell she is supposed to be doing in... in general. Maybe a change of accommodation will provide answers?

Lee is played by Ally Xue.

PERLINA is always one to say what she thinks. She tells it like it is, without any thought of the consequences or social etiquette. As a result, she has less friends than she would like.

Perlina likes to think of herself as a rationalist, but she’s kidding herself. She gets very twitchy over chores and toilet etiquette, and has a pathological fear of eating alone.

Perlina is played by Perlina Lau.

JESSICA is the dramatic one.  She wants to be taken as a serious actress but her brain (or lack thereof) keeps getting in the way.  She is selfish in the most well-meaning way - in helping those around her, she just helps herself and ends up looking like the bitch. And she's so not a bitch.

Her best friend and flatmate is Perlina, who is exactly the opposite to her when it comes to flat chores, clothes, jobs and especially men.  Jessica takes on Lee as a personal project, to find her a hot guy. Unfortunately, hot guys mean temptation...

​​Jessica is played by JJ Fong.​

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