EP1 Unboxed


Lee, Jessica and Perlina agree to take part in an unusual beta-test - they must spend 24 hours with an “anatomically exceptional” AI called J-2000. There are no rules…just their imagination.

EP2 Setup & Functions


The girls put J straight to work. However, not everyone is satisfied with J’s performance.

EP3 Security


Jessica hacks into J's software, hoping to unlock his X-rated functions. 

EP4 Malfunction


J malfunctions after Jessica’s botched hack. Now the flatmates must fight against the machine. 

EP5 Feedback


The beta-test has come to an end. But a plot twist reveal the true bad guys.

EP6 Update Available


After much research, the new and improved J-3000 is ready for market. It is designed to satisfy mankind’s every desire.

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