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UNBOXED webseries

UNBOXED is a bite-sized series exploring the glorious highs and hilarious lows of artificial intelligence.

Created by Roseanne Liang, Perlina Lau, Ally Xue and JJ Fong.

EP1 Unboxed


Lee, Jessica and Perlina agree to take part in an unusual beta-test - they must spend 24 hours with an “anatomically exceptional” AI called J-2000. There are no rules…just their imagination.

EP2 Setup & Functions


The girls put J straight to work. However, not everyone is satisfied with J’s performance.

EP3 Security


Jessica hacks into J's software, hoping to unlock his X-rated functions. 

EP4 Malfunction


J malfunctions after Jessica’s botched hack. Now the flatmates must fight against the machine. 

EP5 Feedback


The beta-test has come to an end. But a plot twist reveal the true bad guys.

EP6 Update Available


After much research, the new and improved J-3000 is ready for market. It is designed to satisfy mankind’s every desire.

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