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Join the Flat3 girls for one last filthy, fast, and stereotype-busting ride as they face one night stands that won't leave, pregnancy scares, and white women thirsty for their youthful blood.  ​


Created by Roseanne Liang, Perlina Lau, Ally Xue and JJ Fong. Produced by Maha Albadrawi, Rachel Fawcett and Kerry Warkia.

Friday Night Bites
EP1 Hey Can I Crash PT1

Perlina's older sister Georgie comes to crash at the flat, but all hell breaks loose when she invites home a stranger from Tinder.                 

EP2 Hey Can I Crash PT2

Perlina's older sister Georgie comes to crash at the flat, but when she invites home a 'jizz donor' from Tinder, Lee and Perlina need to have words. 

EP3 The Morning After

Jessica's one night stand still won't leave. She's been holding in her farts all night and it's reaching breaking point...

Friday Night Bites
Friday Night Bites
EP4 Reverse Racisim

The girls make a shocking discovery about their platonic snuggle buddy Arlo. Will politics ruin their friendship?                                

EP5 The Other Woman

Jessica thinks she's found 'the one'... but he's married. Is she ready to become 'the Other Woman', or will she turn her back on true love?

EP6 Promo Girls

As a seasoned promo girl for Bonk Lube, Jessica is furious the new girl is outshining her at the market stall. It's time to play her sexy trump card.

EP9 Bad Pharmacist

The girls help a nervous Jessica buy a pregnancy test, only to butt heads with pro-life pharmacists.

EP8 Meet the Friends

It's games night at the flat with Lee's new gal pal Charlie. But charming banter turns into something much more sinister...

EP7 Beyond Youth Inc.


Asians don't raisin. Black don't crack. The girls find themselves in a sinister medical facility that harvests young women's blood for their youth-enhancing properties.          

Friday Night Bites
EP10 Game of Death

The girl face Death in a deadly game of strip poker. Nothing can separate these ride-or-die friends... except a bad hand.                               

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